Fees & Expenses

Fees & Expense Policies


Case Preparation

It is my practice once I have been requested to participate in a case and have agreed to do so to require remittance of a $7,500 retainer. This retainer fee covers in its entirety whatever research and analysis I may have to engage in to effectively evaluate your case and prepare for trial. Specifically, it encompasses the following: my analysis and evaluation of all relevant case documents; any specialized research which I may conduct or direct my research assistants to conduct; all conference calls and meetings which you may wish to schedule for purposes of discussing the case or obtaining guidance throughout the discovery process. The Retainer does not cover the preparation of written reports and affidavits, which are discussed below. I encourage you to contact me as often as you wish during the development of your case. All communications regarding cases will be with me personally. The retainer is non-refundable.


Reports and Affidavits

I meticulously prepare every written report requested by a client and personally conduct all research required for its preparation. It has been my experience over the years that the thoroughness and quality of my reports often prove helpful in successfully resolving complex litigation. Due to the substantial time normally required to prepare a written report, I will provide your office with an itemized invoice at the rate of $300 per hour for any requested report. This sum is due and payable in full upon receipt and acceptance of the final report. I utilize the same billing procedure with respect to the preparation of affidavits.


Discovery Depositions

The Polycom video teleconference system gives attorneys the option of deposing me from their location without incurring the time and expense of traveling to mine. There is no additional charge to either side should you elect to do a video deposition from your location or locations (the HDX 9002 has the capability of tying my office conference site to three other locations simultaneously). I am pleased if requested to make a video recording of any discovery deposition taken at my location and to provide copies of it to all participating attorneys at no charge. If your office does not currently have a VTC capability, you can easily add one to your existing computer or laptop with readily available software; alternatively, you can attend a video deposition either through a VTC equipped law office or Polycom compatible rental site in your area.

In the event that opposing counsel wish to depose me in person, they have the option of doing so at my Palm Beach Gardens office or having me travel to another location. I charge a flat fee of $3,000 for discovery depositions conducted in Palm Beach Gardens. Depositions conducted beyond Palm Beach Gardens involve a flat fee of $6,000 plus travel and per diem expenses. I require that all deposition fees and expenses be paid in full at the time a deposition is taken. I rely upon the firm with which I am working to communicate my Fee & Expense Policies to opposing counsel.


De Bene Esse Depositions

It is my practice to charge a flat fee of $6,000 for any De Bene Esse videotaped deposition which is intended for use at trial in lieu of my personal appearance.


Trial Testimony

In the event that a case is not settled and proceeds to the stage of trial, my fee for expert witness testimony is $6,000 plus whatever travel and per diem expenses are associated with my court appearance. I will provide your firm with a detailed written invoice reflecting this sum. The full invoice amount must be received prior to my departure for trial.

In the unlikely event that conditions at a trial necessitate my presence for additional days, there will be a flat fee of $2,400 for each day (or any portion thereof). This sum will be due and payable at the time my appearance.


Other Professional Services

In cases involving premises liability issues, at your request my office will obtain and compile relevant computer assisted dispatch (CAD) records regarding police calls for service on the property in question, as well as law enforcement reports concerning crime at and around the location. My crime statistician will then develop a concise graphic presentation using this data-- including appropriate tables, graphs, pie charts and explanatory narrative to facilitate my analysis as a criminologist and for your use as an attorney. This service is included as part of my flat case preparation fee.

For many years I have utilized the off-duty assistance of currently employed and highly experienced police command officers to conduct specialized research at my direction, as well as to keep me apprised of the most recent developments in law enforcement technology and procedures. Each of my police research assistants has a special area of expertise: e.g., security and crime prevention measures; use of force, including firearms and intermediate weapons such as the Taser, ASP and OC spray; SWAT and hostage negotiation; handling crisis calls involving emotionally disturbed persons(EDPs); personnel selection and training standards; criminal investigation protocols; arrest and jail custodial procedures.


My professional resources also include the following:

- 3 licensed private investigators with extensive policeĀ & security experience.

- A crime prevention/private security specialist certified to conduct lighting measurements with a calibrated instrument and to diagram the spatial distribution of illumination.

- A certified senior police crime data analyst and statistician.


Video Teleconferencing

My office is equipped with a state-of-the-art high definition Polycom HDX 9002 video teleconference system. This enables me to have "face to face" meetings with attorney clients anywhere in the nation at their convenience to discuss case related issues.




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